Obituary Information

We only keep our most recent obituaries available on our website, however if you are looking for a past obituary, or any other information, we will be happy to mail or email a copy to you at any time.


We are also happy to assist you with genealogy, we will gladly go through our records and provide you any information we may have.  Our records for Kufahl Funeral Home go back to 1903. They did not record a lot of information prior to the 1950's but names, dates and burial locations can usually be found.  Campanella-Gentry Funeral Home in Alma only has records dating back to the late 1980's and Campanella-Evans Mortuary in Wamego has complete records starting when the facility opened in 1991.  


If there is any information we can help you find please feel free to call or email us and we will help any way we can.


Some other great genealogy tools include, and  All of these websites have benefits to help someone trace their family heritage.

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