We Wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


Thank you Everyone who attended our 6th Annual Memorial Tribute Service we 

hope our service helps to bring you comfort and peace through the Christmas Season.

For those that were not able to attend a recording of our Memorial Tribute Service as well

as a copy of our Memorial Tribute Service Slideshow Presentation is below.

Our 7th Annual Memorial Tribute Service will be

Saturday December 5, 2020

2019 Memorial Tribute Service

This is a portion of our service from 2019.

Tree of  Angels

 Located in the lobby at Campanella-Evans Mortuary 

until January 6, 2020

Additional ornaments, or ornaments for past years, are available by request for $5 each.

Rob and Jennifer began discussing different ways to "give back" to our communities and the families we had served throughout the years, from those discussions, our Memorial Tribute Service was born. In 2014 we hosted our first Memorial Tribute Service and each year our service has grown and reaches people all across our communities and beyond. 


The service itself is light. We encourage everyone to focus on fond memories of loved ones to help comfort them through the Holiday Season.  Rob and Jennifer each have a special reading, there is a candle lighting ceremony and a slideshow presentation that represents the loved ones of families we have served, from November the previous year through days just before our Memorial Service, as well as any other loved ones we are asked to include. 

We also make personalized ornaments for all of our current year families and display them on our Tree of Angels.  The idea behind this tree was borrowed from the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where the ringing of a bell signals that another angel has received its wings. 

2019 Memorial Tribute Slideshow

This slideshow represents all of the loved ones we

served November 2018-December 2019 as well as 

many additional loved ones by request.

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