When death occurs, the first few hours we are faced with a lot of decisions, burial or cremation, what type of service, who do we call?  All of these things can be overwhelming as funeral professionals we are here to help you make those decisions.   

                                                            What happens to us when a loved one dies?                                                                       That answer is simple.... Our life is forever                                                                              changed.  The hard part is figuring out                                                                                how much change that is going to be.                                                      We are all of a sudden on a path to find our new                                                            normal, to figure out where our new world begins                                          without the daily presence of a loved one and how to move               forward keeping their memories alive in our hearts.  


What is a Celebrant Service? A Celebrant service is a service that is unique to your loved one.  It is designed to revolve around the stories and memories that you share with your selected celebrant.

When can we use a Celebrant?  A Celebrant can be the only organized speaker or can be used in addition to your Clergy or Officiant.

Who needs a Celebrant?      
                Families who identify themselves as “Spiritual But Not Religious”  
                      Families who do not have a minister or church affiliation 
                            Families who want a unique, personalized service 
                                Families who want both Religious and Personalized aspects for their service                        

                                    Families who want a Life Tribute experience the evening before a liturgical service

             However, if you chose to have us act as your Celebrant, then we take on another role.  It becomes   our job to help you tell your loved ones story.  We gather with you, your family and friends and we talk about your loved one.  As you share your stories and memories with us we turn those precious moments into a unique celebration revolving around your loved one.  Rob and Jennifer truly believe there is healing in your memories and that everyone's story deserves to be told because Every Life Is Worth Remembering!

Rob Campanella and Jennifer Woods have both successfully completed InSight's Celebrant Certification Program, and we are both excited to be able to offer this unique type of service to our families and our communities.  

To learn about InSight's Celebrant Program click on their logo above.

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